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Scamps and Scoundrels

PDF A miserly miller with a stash of gold, an island with an ever-changing list alias, some sly smugglers who nevertheless remember to send a thank you note, a stern schoolmaster who couldn't tell time, and a thief with two left feet are just some of the shady individuals who grace the pages of "Scamps and Scoundrels".

Riotous and witty, Bob Kroll writes these tales of infamy in a delightfully folksy style, bringing to life snippets of the Maritimes somewhat less glorious history. With over 100 tales from the 1700s to the 1900s, there is an example of just about every odd, peculiar, silly, and ill-advised adventure you can think of.

Smugglers, sailors, robbers, murderers, and sometimes just ordinary folk having a surprisingly bad day, "Scamps and Scoundrels" is a worthy read.

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