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Silent Voices

PDF “It was Thursday, September 29th, and I woke up completely exhausted. The sun was shining but it felt gloomy to me. I hadn’t had much sleep the last week. My family was experiencing a tsunami of turmoil and confusion, and we were so drained from facing the threat of violence. I felt sick to my stomach, not like the flu, but like you know in your heart that something is terribly wrong…”

What was terribly wrong would be an average American family struck with a blow so fierce that it would change them forever. An illness gone untreated, desperate pleas for help that would never come, and a devastating consequences that would leave everyone involved grief-stricken and stunned.

Silent Voices is a suspenseful and heartfelt saga about a family faced with tragic consequences. Desperate for answers, they would be left to lie in wait for the inevitable. A son’s decent into darkness and delusional rage would send him into a rampage that would shake a family and community to its core.

Silent Voices will pull you into an emotionally gripping story of one family’s plight to save their son and endure the ultimate betrayal. It’s a story of love, forgiveness and commitment to family that must be told to give “voice” to those silenced that terrible day.

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