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The Food of France

PDF This was my father's favorite book. It's an entertaining, opinionated tour of the France filtered through food and food traditions of each region (the regions being defined by cuisine, not politics). While Root had some very odd opinions (he didn't like Champagne and didn't think it paired well with any food !!!????!!!!, whereas he liked the revolting, horrid-smelling sausage andouiette, which is made with tripe, among other things), his writing about and love of the food and wine of France is contagious.

Based on my own experiences in France, some things have altered radically since 1958, when this was published, and some have not.

I read the first edition (my father's copy), which has really wonderful pen-and-ink illustrations, as well as b&w photos by Paul Child - Paul Child who was Julia's husband. Small world.

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