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A Happy Hat

PDF Hats are wonderful decorations we wear on top of our heads. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some have beads, feathers, fancy stitching's and sparkles. Others do not. Wouldn't it be interestingto see life through the experiences of a hat? There once was a happy hat with lots of stories to tell. It began as a fashionable hat that a gentlemen would wear. This hats first owner was a groom who had hopes and good wishes. The hat felt special. Time passed and the hat had become worn and placed in a second hand shop. It was then purchased y a magician. The hat felt wonderful as pigeons were pulled along with roses and wide-eyed children watching with curiosity. But as time went on the hat become more worn and finally left abandoned in a field. Would the hat ever find happiness and worth again?
This wonderful tale guides young readers to understand hope, happiness, worth, self discovery and most importantly how to maintain a positive outlook on life. Author Cecil Kim studied child psychology and plans to connect with children through his books. Parents and teachers can use this story as a tool to teach children how to maintain goals, dreams and a positive outlook.

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