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PDF When the U.S. Dollar collapses, under the weight of America's printing and debt policies, chaos begins to unfold. Total anarchy is seen on the horizon. But our society prefers peace and order, opening the door for our government to come to our rescue, no matter the cost. All critical supply chains are nationalized, insuring everyone has their needs met while we work through this together. The cost? Every remaining aspect of freedom we enjoy today.

While Americans are struggling with conflicting emotions and reactions to the tyranny of nationalization, Mike Williams and his awkwardly adoptive family find themselves comfortably insulated from it all. But as time goes on, the reclusive man finds himself drawn in from his ranch in the mountains. What starts as a simple gesture of kindness evolves into his unintentionally becoming a national leader for liberty.

"We're not pickin' the fight. The government already did that. We'd just be finally fightin' back for a change."

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