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Jack in the Box

PDF Jack in the Box - a Whodunnit with ..., 17. Juli 2013

... unexpected twists and turns, but also with a lot of lengths.

I liked the other book written by Hanna Allen ICEHOTEL very much.

Then I started to read "Jack in the Box", but everything was quite different. The idea of the double crime plot was really brilliant, but the authoress this time had a bit too much pots on the fire. So, after the half of the thriller, my interest started to fade away a bit.
There were the 3 1/2 killings 15 years ago - never resolved. Now the new killing and it's the Super's brother who left this world in the same way the earlier victims did. Then enters the play, after that the drugs and... and...
And out heroine Von Valenti seems to be more the designated scapegoat than a real investigator, who has the full support of her superiors and collaborators.
The more the crime story goes on, more faults are made - mostly by Von. At a certain point I wanted to cry at her: "Hey, stupid girl, think about what You have learnt in the Police Academy!"

No - this crime novel is entertaining until a certain point, not very long over the half. After that I only wanted to see the culprits - yet guessed who they were, and how they were implicated - arrested, or shot (not to death ...:) or fleeing the British Isles before hunted down...

I am sorry - surely the tastes are different. But this "thriller" cannot compete with "Icehotel". It is too long and - as I said before - there are really too many threads to be united well at the end.
But Hanna Allen will surely surprise her readers with a new, exciting crime story or thriller.
And I will reasd the next one, too.

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