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Finding Christmas - Santa's Tale

PDF I freely admit I am a Christmas book junkie. Once Thanksgiving hits I am on the hunt for Christmas stories, most of which I find are of the romantic sort. Finding Christmas was a delightful surprise for me. I have long felt that Christmas was changing into a big selfish monster fest of Santa bring me 1000 things. This story is about Santa feeling out of sorts and deciding he was quitting. He goes off into the world and encounters people who remind him of the Christmas feelings and meaning before major retailers took it over, (the takeover is my opinion - not the authors and is not in the book). It isa story of Santa getting depressed and losing himself in that dark place - which just goes to show you depression or feeling sad happen to everyone at some point. I am sure you are wondering if this story is depressing - no. On the contrary I felt uplifted by it. I feel that Kenneth Balfour did a phenomenal job telling of Santa's feelings and presenting the beam of hope. Instead of a dark, dreary story we have one that leaves us with hope and the real Christmas feeling that I have feared was getting lost. If you are looking for a fresh Christmas story that isn't afraid of normal human feelings give this book a try.

Also it did not take me that long to read the book. I actually read it a few times before writing this.

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