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Dead Man's Promise (The Man From Boot Hill, #3)

PDF Sometimes the dead don't stay buried...

Nick Graves ran wild in the years before he turned respectable and began plying the trade that his father had taught him. But when he woke to the truth that the life of a renegade would lead to nothing but an early grave, he left his lawless companions behind in the dust. Now Nick buries the dead for a living — but his tainted past won't let him be.

A man he once rode with — a stone killer named Red Parks — wants Graves to pay for his desertion and his defiance. And Red's brought the old gang with him to hit Nick where he's most vulnerable: his family. When an innocent woman is caught in the crossfire, a rage that's been simmering for years is about to explode. With his maimed hand and a new kind of gun, Nick Graves is going to make sure that this time what's dead "stays" dead ... for good.

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