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Luminous Shadows

PDF Yes! This is so much better than I imagined the sequel would be like (and that's saying a lot)! I loved this book!

Let's start at the end. The ending was perfect. (That's not a spoiler... You don't know what I consider perfect. In fact I wasn't even expecting it. Fantastic).

So we do know the bad guy is alive... The entire book Ms. Victoria played with my emotions regarding him. I despised him, then pitied him, laughed at him. Our main characters, Katherine and Sterling, they are odd as usual, but in such a way that their love is perfect even with their flaws. Oh they have flaws. I want to strangle them sometimes. They keep secrets from each other, trying to protect the other. Their relationship is stressed with a maniac on the loose, but I love the way they fight for what they believe in.

I enjoyed Luminous Shadows even more than the first part, Dark Light. The entire book was like a game, hunting the hunter. It was romantic, funny (I laughed so many times), beautifully written, very unpredictable, and thoroughly enjoyable. I found myself enjoying the dark chapters way more than I should. The bad guy's thoughts are so dark to the point that his internal ramblings were entertaining. Complemented by lovable supporting characters and a few new ones, and the vividly depicted settings, this was truly a wonderful sequel!

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