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The Best Of 'Wimmen's Comix' And Other Comix By Women

PDF Reading this anthology was like a trip backwards in time. Trina Robbins really did a good job as editor, as this book feel like a who's who of the first generation of underground/alternative female comics artists in the US.

The comics range from autobiographical to dystopian sci-fi, with everything imaginable in between. And the styles are all over the place, from Robbins' retro-looking clean lines to Aline Kominksy's highly personal, scratchy style. Having read several of the original issues of Wimmen's Comix, where the quality of the contributions varied much more, I can see how Robbins chose well among all the comics, and also complemented the mix with comics from other sources to get a well-balanced anthology.

The stories that grabbed me the most when reading were ones that were based on history and real life, as in Lee Mars' all too short comic about her moonshine making grandmother, or Dot Bucher's biography of the great Harriet Tubman. Oh, and the earlier mentioned Kominksy's autobiographical story about her early life is scary and hilarious at the same time.

This anthology is a historical document, as it shows just what alternative female comics artists were creating in the US in the 1970s, but it is also, still a good read.

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