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Dragon Ball Z

PDF Game Strengths Since DRAGON BALL Z hit it's peak popularity in the U.S., fans of the series have been begging for a videogame version of their favorite characters. Well, the wait is over. Infogrames has heard the gamers collective cry and signed up to release not just one, but a whole series of Dragon Ball Z games, including a tabletop trading card game. The first in this series, DRAGON BALL Z: THE LEGACY OF GOKU, will be a mix of RPG and fighting action, with characters that don't merely complete quests, but also have moves that can be used in one-on-one combat, such as the deadly Kamehameha. With events that follow four of the series sagas, veteran fans will delight in watching computerized versions of their favorite situations, while newer fans will enjoy being schooled in the history of the characters and their evolutions. No matter what level of fan you are, you are sure to enjoy this game.

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