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A Teddy Bear Tale II - Faithful

PDF Tristan's adventures continue...
After defeating the Monsters under the Bed and the Bogeyman. Tristan begins his long sleep in the attic waiting patiently for his boy to return to him. He sleeps dreaming of past imagination adventures until he is woken by a slightly nutty plushy Bunny called Wilma, the once cuddly toy of the Tristan's Boy's sister. She is introduces him to a Boggle, a curious creature that repairs broken and discarded toys to pass on to other children who deserve them.
Together they ask Tristan for his help to ward off a Giant Green Headed Monster that is stealing all the toys and is after the secret Boggle Toy Train. Of course our heroic Teddy Bear agrees to help and with Wilma they set off in the Golden Goose, a bright yellow cardboard plane that his boy built for him. Now all our companions need to do is get onboard the Toy Train before the Green Headed Monster and his Minions capture it...
This is an adventure featuring planes, trains, clockwork, horses, new Monsters and dashing deeds. As Tristan defends happiness and the Toy Train from the Green Headed Monster in beautiful full color illustrations by Dan Nokes in a story by Nick Davis.

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