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Buildings Archaeology

PDF Due to increasing awareness of the need for conservation of the historic built environment, the role of the archaeologist and the application of modern archaeological practice are now being extended to inform conservation and management policies. The seventeen essays in this book are based upon papers given at a symposium held by the IFA's Buildings Special Interest Group in 1993, with contributions by: D Stocker (Understanding what we conserve); R Morris (Buildings archaeology); D Baker (Terms of reference); C Hardie (Survey for resource management); R Hook (Survey for strategic planning); J Lowe (Survey for thematic-based research); R Thornes (Research strategies and priorities); J Grenville (Research strategies and priorities: an afterthough); A Brodie (Emergency recording); D Parsons & C J Brooke (Recording churches and cathedrals); N A D Molyneux (Targeted recording for limited alterations); D Thackray (Recording historic buildings); J Wood (Recording ancient monuments); R Annis (Recording before demolition); C Atkins (Recording before dismantling and re-erection); R Harris (Recording timber-framed buildings); B Meeson (An overview).

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