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Vampire Jack and the Abandoned City (Vampire Jack Chronicles, #1)

PDF Book 1 in the Vampire Jack chronicles.

Jack is a boy vampire with a dream - to become a normal boy again. Along with Susan (a Banshee), Nes (a Mummy) and Roland (a Shadow), Jack is recruited by Professor Vassimont for an altogether different purpose: Save the world from his arch enemy Professor Harker and his indestructible marionettes.

Now, Jack and his Undead team will have to travel through time and stop Professor Harker from collecting artefacts that combined, have the power to annihilate the world - the very artefacts that can give Jack his hearts' desire.

Book 1: Vampire Jack and the Abandoned city
In this adventure, Jack and his Undead team must travel back in time to ancient Mexico. The place: Teotihuacan. The time: 700AD. Their mission: to retrieve the mask of Quetzalcoatl before its terrible power to control the weather falls into the hands of Professor Harker.

Chapter book, reading ages 7-10

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