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An Elven Storm (Claimed Series, Book 3)

PDF NEW RELEASE - SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE - A MUST READ FOR INTERRACIAL PARANORMAL ROMANCE LOVERS! Now, with her memories restored, mortal Sade Hughes faces her biggest challenge yet, bringing her elven lover home...

Reunited at last, can Elven Prince Aranion and mortal Sade's love survive, vengeance, betrayal, and a passage between worlds?

˃˃˃ Mortal Sade Hughes has big problems.

Sade has been stranded in a fantasy world, kidnapped, had her memory erased and been trained to kill her true love, the Elven Prince Aranion. Now, with her memories restored, Sade faces her biggest challenge yet, bringing her elven lover home. And when secrets meet lies, this seemingly simple step may be the end of all of them.

˃˃˃ Elven Prince Aranion has big problems.

Aranion has walked through fire and teeth to reclaim his true love, Sade Hughes, and when it seems like things are finally coming together, his father, the elven king, wants to marry him off to an elven lady instead of allowing him to follow his heart. Now he's struck a dangerous bargain to cross between worlds, and worse, he has to meet Sade's family, knowing that no matter his intentions, he may end up losing everything he loves.

˃˃˃ Shifter Haytham has big problems.

Haytham has fallen in love with a woman who is soul-bonded to another man, and worse, he's lost his ability to change into his bird form. Now, he's joining his ex-lover and the man she loves on a treacherous journey between worlds for a cure that probably doesn't exist. And then things really go downhill.

˃˃˃ Elven Princess Lairelithoniel has big problems.

In three lousy months, Laire's lost her fiance, her mortal slave, and her mother's pet Shifter. Now the only way she can salvage her future is to avenge her past, and get that Shifter back. If that means crossing worlds, torture, murder, and (ugh) learning how to motivate her mortal servants without killing them, she's not giving up until she gets what she wants.

This book has strong sexual content and is meant for mature readers only.

If you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, and you love Paranormal Romance, scroll up and grab a copy today!

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