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How to Self Publish on Google Play

PDF It was only recently did someone at Google Books set up a decent backend for self-publishing.

So now any Indie author can navigate their process and get their ebooks up and online simply.

You'd think more people would jump at this chance to get your book on every Android device out there.

That's what prompted me to do this write-up. I'm releasing this on update it's own, as people still seem to be having problems navigating the Google Play system.

With this updated backend, Google made it as simple as Amazon and possibly far more powerful in terms of getting your book discovered through your descriptions, cover, etc. (Factually, having your book also on Google Play can drive your Amazon sales up...)

Google’s Android has reportedly over 900 million devices running their OS every day. And on every single one of these, there is access to Google Play. Your book shows up automatically on all those smartphones and tablets when it goes live.

A lot of links which used to go to Google Books are now steering people directly to Google Play. Obviously, someone intends to increase Google's income from sold books - which is great news for the self-publisher.

Having your published book up on Google Play (in addition to Amazon) would be a no-brainer.

This book gives you the baby-simple steps to self-publish on Google starting today!

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