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Ask the Oracle

PDF Trying to make sense out of things is just plain difficult. We don't know who we are. We know very little about where we have come from, and we know absolutely nothing about where we are headed. In order to help deal with the choices that continuously face us, the Oracle has emerged." -From Ask the Oracle

Consulting oracles for answers to life's complex questions has been practiced for centuries. From ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome to the Far East, Africa, and Europe, a rich tradition has evolved for revealing and interpreting signs to show us the way. Here in America, too, the tradition of seeking answers runs deep. It is from this world reservoir of probing and discovery that Ask the Oracle: Predicting Answers to Questions of Mind, Heart, and Soul enlightens our present world with solutions for our puzzling existence.

Part one of Ask the Oracle provides a brief illustrated account of these ancient practices. Readers gain a sense of the history, prominent sign readers, and the rich Eastern and Western stories that help to explain this powerful phenomenon. "The Oracle is a voice that speaks when we are most in need," the text explains. "It speaks through many mediums, whispering its secrets to those who unlock the doors behind which its silence is preserved."

Part two of the book incorporates a set of 30 accompanying sticks, traditionally one of the simplest forms for consulting the oracle with personal questions. Detailed instructions on throwing the sticks and interpreting their meaning are provided. Directions for reading answers fall into three sections: questions of the mind, heart, and soul. Numerous paintings and drawings, suggestive of nature and Eastern spiritual contemplation, set a tone of peacefulness and reflection for the book. The combination of art and answers will make this a true winner in an increasingly complex and confounding modern world.

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