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PDF This little book contains a message for you—you, who are reading these lines. Think of the book what you will, at first—nevertheless, it will leave its message imprinted upon your mind, and you will be unable to forget it. The reading of it will form a distinct epoch in your life, little as you may realize it at this moment. You will be different, henceforth, by reason of the message contained herein. You may not accept all of its statements, but some of them will “stick” in your mind, as does the burr in the wool of the passing sheep.
As Whitman once said: “My words will itch in your ears till you understand them.” And, often almost unconsciously, you will find yourself acting upon its advice; following its precepts; heeding its admonitions. But fear not—the message is for your betterment, advancement, strengthening. It will bring you power and possessions. It will make you a master—of yourself and outside things.
In its pages are condensed many important statements of truth and scientific fact. Its chapters blend and merge into each other, and what may at first glance seem to be repetition will later be seen to be but a new emphasis, or a presentation of a new phase. The first reading of this book will serve as but a mere “taste” of its contents. It will need many re-readings in order to extract its full flavor. We advise that you read it through the first time, without attempting to master its contents. Then, reread it, carefully, in the light of the new ideas that have come to you from the first reading. You will find new things in it each time you go through its pages.

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