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Great Pets!

PDF A fair amount of author Sara Steins information is correct about most of these animals but one of the major flaws I discovered in her book was the section on rats. She states that a rat may e kept in a tank (10 gallon). Wrong, the ammonia from rat urine can build up in a tank due to the lack of circulation from the glass walls, resulting in a sick pet. Plus, a ten gallon tank is way to small for anything but a fish or mouse. She also mentions that rats can live with a 'plain' cage with nothing but food and water dishes and some nesting material. Wrong again. Rats need many toys, things to climb on, and places to burrow in order to stay healthy since they need more mental exercise than physical. Also, rats should not take baths as it is stressful for the animal ans washes away the oils that keep its coat nice. Rats clean themselves pretty well but it does get hot in the summer so, a better thing to do is put water in a large, shallow dish (up to their knees) that they can walk throug. What disappointed me most of all was that she never mentioned the fact that rats CAN NOT live alone. Rats need at least one of the same species to live with, or they may die of loneliness. Just because someone publishes a book about animals, doesn't mean they're experts. Please, rat owners, take no advice from Sara Stein.


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