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Family Homoeopathy

PDF It is a concise compilation of 19th century diseases/ conditions, and their supposed causes, symptoms, and treatments.As is typical of homoeopathy, treatments don’t vary much based on the malady.For example, Belladonna (among others medicines) is recommended for a toothache, scarlet fever, rabies, and insanity. It must have been a popular book in its time.The copy I read was printed in 1882 and is the sixteenth edition.The author goes into a lot of detail on supposed causes of Consumption (or Tuberculosis), claiming that he could write a volume on it.He blames both heredity and lifestyle, children spending too much time in school and having the wrong diet.Homeschoolers of today may appreciate this.

“Among the most frequent causes will be found the following: repelled eruptions by external applications (I have no idea what this means.); seclusion from sunlight, to which children and females are subjected by indoor confinement, and by the means of blinds and curtains; our abominable school system, which cruelly confines, even young children, from the sunlight, during six of the best hours of the day; indolent and inactive habits of young girls and ladies; tight- lacing; self- pollution in the young of both sexes; and improper diet , particularly the use of superfine flour, which does not contain the nourishing materials, and especially the oil, phosphorus, and other mineral ingredients, which the young absolutely require. “

For some of the diseases, warnings are given against contacting a conventional medical doctor.For Yellow Fever, “This disease is a formidable one, and a homoeopathic physician should always be called when practicable; but it is safe to say that it is always better to trust to the judgment of a friend, or layman, and a homoeopathic book and case of remedies, than to send for an allopathic physician.”

If you are interested in history of diseases, Victorian era, it is well worth the read.

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